Our Firm

The firm that is known today as Choate Law Firm LLC was founded by Mark Choate in 1980. For more than 35 years, Choate Law Firm has defended the rights of individuals to seek justice against those who have wrongfully caused them injury or death.  Based in Juneau, Alaska, our firm has represented people from all over Alaska and our country in courtrooms in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Washington, and other states. 

At Choate Law Firm we are proud to call ourselves trial lawyers. We specialize in the art and science of presenting cases to a jury from the communities we serve because we believe that trial is where truth is told. Our clients can trust that we will never compromise their best interests to avoid the risk of trial. When a wrongdoer has harmed our client in violation of the law, we stand ready to ask a jury to defend our client's rights and hold the wrongdoer responsible for what they have taken from our client's life.

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