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Parties Planning Meeting
Parties Planning Report Due
Pretrial Scheduling Conference
Exchange of Initial Disclosures
Motions to Amend Pleadings
Motions to Identify/Join all Parties
Preliminary Witness List
Plaintiff's Expert Witness Disclosure
Defendant's Expert Witness Disclosure
Disclosure of Plaintiff's Expert Witness Reports
Disclosure of Defendant's Expert Witness Reports
Supplementation of Disclosures Within 10 days of receipt of discoverable materials
All Inclusive Witness List
Dispositive Motions
Request for Settlement Judge
Deletion of Witnesses
Close of Discovery
Discovery Motions
Motions for Protective Order
Trial Brief/Filing of Jury Instructions
Deposition Designation
Exchange of Exhibits
Objections to Deposition Designations
Objections to Exhibits
Pretrial Conference TBD
Trial Date